Guardian Vampel Series Book 1: Angel Demon

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Guardian Vampel Series Book 1: Angel Demon

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Guardian Vampel Series Book 1: Angel Demon
by Kerry-Anne Samuel

Sarah Saunders has been hurt by men in the past. Left feeling heartbroken, she cant ever see herself loving a man again--until the handsome Doctor Louis Judge comes into her life.

Just as Sarah starts to feel love again, Louis tells her his secret because her life is now in danger. He is half angel, half vampire.

Forced to make a monumental decision for Sarah, Louis has to change her life forever.

About the Author

Born in Barking Hospital in Essex, England, as Kerry-Anne Samuel, the author (who prefers to be called Kerry) is the eldest of three children.

She lives in Essex with her four children, who have been really good and let her work endlessly on this project.

In her spare time she likes to read and spend time with her old school friends.

The Guardian Vampel Series is her first-ever novel, and it all started with a strange dream she just couldnt shake off and forget.

Without the support and continued proofreading of a few very good friends, this series would never have been published.

To keep up with the author or ask questions, go online to her Guardian Vampel group on Facebook:

(2011, paperback, 198 pages)