Guia Terapeútica de Acupuntura

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Guia Terapeútica de Acupuntura
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Guia Terapetica de Acupuntura
by Armando Prez MD ABDA

Why acupuncture?

Because it is a proven method of pain relief, treats some diseases, and provides therapy. It is also arguably the safest way to treat an ailment in a person because there are no adverse reactions or drug interactions since no substance is given to a patient.

Guia Terapeutica de Acupuntura is the result of data gathering on thousands of patients treated by acupuncture. These patients suffered from the ailments listed in this book. After acupuncture they reported a complete remission of symptoms.

This book was conceived to appeal to everybody, from the curious reader who wishes to understand basic principles of acupuncture (and perhaps find a way to cure his or her ailment) to the rookie practitioner who wishes to expand his universe of expertise to the veteran practitioner who wishes to consult about some cases.

Due to the combination of text and illustrations this book is a timesaver for the practitioner who wishes to find a treatment in no time.

About the Author

Armando Prez MD ABDA received his medical degree from the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences in Havana, Cuba in 1977. When he was a medical student Dr. Perez became interested in acupuncture because of its high rate of positive.

Dr. Perez started his own Internal Medicine practice in America. In 2005 he received the degree of Disability Analyst and Fellow from the American Board.

In 2010 Dr. Perez completed the Clinical Investigator Development Program and also received the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Certificate and Clinical Site SOP-s.

Dr. Perez continues using acupuncture in a daily basis as a very useful tool of therapy.

(2013, paperback, 130 pages)