Hand in Hand with God

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Hand in Hand with God
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Hand in Hand with God
by Debrah S. Bernier

Hand in Hand With God is a book of God-inspired poetry. These poems were written over a period of time by direct inspiration from God and the Holy Spirit.

You will be blessed by the poems and receive insight and inspiration from God through them. There are poems for many different emotions and feelings. There are poems that God will use to encourage you in your daily life, as well as, in your ministry.

Let these poems help you to turn a bad day good by centering yourself back on Jesus Christ and His Father and receiving strength from God for each day.

Hand in Hand with God will be an asset to any library. May all who read, Hand in Hand With God, find inspiration and a source of comfort!

About the Author

Debrah is a Christian and has been one since rededicating her life to Christ in 1994. She was born in Columbus, Ohio, but currently lives in the quaint village of New Paris, Ohio, where she has resided for the last eighteen years.

Debrah was married for 31 years, until her husband passed away in March 2008. She has three grown children and six granddaughters.

When Debrah is not writing poetry, she enjoys playing board games, video games, crafts, and fishing. She also enjoys helping others in need and serving in her church, which is Christ United Church in Richmond, Indiana.

Debrah hopes that you enjoy the book she has written.

(2012, paperback, 158 pages)