Hands On

Hands On
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Hands On
by Gail Sousa, Ed.D.

This handbook is an anthology of ideas, all of which involve hand tracing or handprints with suggested supplementary materials to complement these activities. Children take great pride in work using their own creativity and imagination. They then enjoy the display of their efforts for others to admire. Why not give children the opportunity to complete a product without any sense of failure but rather a sense of satisfaction? These activities are designed to do just that.

These choices foster self-esteem while strengthening fine motor skills such as tracing, cutting, gluing, etc. Listening and following directions in a consecutive and sequential manner will develop as children learn to rely on their own abilities. They key element is fun, not work. The emphasis is on the product unique to each child. Anyone working with young children will reap the rewards of easy and clever projects that shine with “handy” efforts.

About the Author: Gail Sousa, Ed.D. is a former teacher of kindergarten and elementary school age children. Originally a stay-at-home mom, she was inspired by her four children to make the most of each day with projects, crafts and activities focused on each month of the year.

When Gail began teaching she adapted her home projects into classroom activities, always promoting each child’s worth in order to build self-esteem. Her concern was to make each endeavor inexpensive, practical and very doable. Hand tracing/hand printing seemed like a great place to start and look where it has taken her.

After earning a doctorate in curriculum and early childhood education, Gail continued her classroom teachings as well as directed an after-school daycare program. Her goal was to encourage involvement in a relaxed, caring, pleasant atmosphere in which each child could build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-satisfaction. Hands on projects were the most sensible way to go.

(2015, Paperback, 72 pages)


Hands On [E-BOOK]
Hands On [E-BOOK]

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