Happy Today and Sad Tomorrow (Life Like a Roller Coaster)

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Happy Today and Sad Tomorrow (Life Like a Roller Coaster)

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Happy Today and Sad Tomorrow (Life Like a Roller Coaster)
by Joyce Johnson

This story is intended to reach the readers by sharing my experience as a stepchild and being brought up with people who really embraced and loved me for who I was. In experiencing these writings, one would understand how to overcome his or her ups and downs and enjoy the beauty of life and its surroundings, even for short periods of times, through the roller coaster of life. As you hold on to the Masters hand, believe that you can change things through the mercy of the living God and Lord Jesus Christ. One must know that the sun doesnt shine all the time; that darkness must come.

Sometimes life seems to be fiery dots from Satan to pierce you deeply in the heart. Then you must tell yourself to hold on to the plow and dont let go of your faith when the mule jerks the plow away. You will succeed in whatever you strive to do, even if sometimes the pain seems to be unbearable.

Most of all I reach out to those who suffer with cancer because I have battled cancer twice in my life. Its very hard, but stay busy and dont focus on your sickness. Strive to test your strength to help others.

About the Author

I was born (Joyce Johnson) in the late 1930s in Mount Olive, county of Wayne, in North Carolina. I was the third child given by birth to my mother, Daisy Bowden Lane Ward, who was a late day slave woman. I lived the early portion of my life from pillar to post. Some years I lived with my grandmother and other family members; other years my mother and stepfather raised me. I experienced living in a violent atmosphere and was made to go in the fields and work from the age of eight years old until the age of eighteen. I suffered through physical and mental abuse. I have learned that there is a brighter side of life. If you accept the word of God, you can overcome.

(2009, paperback, 76 pages)