Harmony Theory

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9622-7
Harmony Theory
by Evan Olsen In this well-researched treatise, Evan Olsen presents what may be a new way of looking at the various pathways and models of the most basic unit of lifethe cell. Harmony Theory points to the connections between molecular mechanisms and tries to understand the mechanisms by which proteins and enzymes are regulated by the structure of DNA; these proteins and enzymes are what feedback on DNA. Harmony Theory goes in a new direction and takes us to a place where new ideas replace the old, as the author relates the space-time continuum, the Lorentz contraction, and omega in chaos theory to the structure of DNA. His central component: the space-time continuum and its relation to the structure of DNA, and how DNA, in turn, mimics the space-time continuum to seek Harmony as a strange attractor, forming patterns in chaos. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A physics buff ever since he was a kid, Evan Olsen is currently working toward a bachelor of science at the University of Alberta, where he was introduced to the idea of super coiling in a biochemistry class. This was the beginning of Harmony Theory. Evan Olsen also enjoys martial arts, movies, and running. The older of two children, he currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta. (2004, paperback, 82 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.