Harry & Isabel: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship!

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Harry & Isabel: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship!
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Harry & Isabel: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship!
by Maebuck

This book is a demonstration of how we grow to love our pets. They are a part of our families. Harry and Isabel were just that - Maebucks love for life and her family. Reading this book will display her affection for her cats and how they were the world to her. She bonded with them the first moment she laid eyes on them as kittens and cherished them until her last day on earth. Harry and Isabel had great personalities that were a perfect match for Maebuck; they belonged together. Its a miracle how their paths crossed and hopefully they will meet again in Heaven. After reading this book, you are bound to become a cat lover as well, dont be surprised!

About the Author:

Maebuck was one of thirteen siblings born and raised in North Carolina. She passed away on September 29, 2013. She left behind a legacy fit to share with children all around the world.

Maebuck spent part of her adult life in New York where she worked to make ends meet. She pounded the pavement happily to the train station going to the World Trade Center years before 9/11. Maebuck changed with the times, from hot pants and knee high boots to business suits and dresses. Later on she moved back to the south to be with her family. Her life was full of thrills. Every year possible she would take a vacation to travel the world, experiencing different cultures. She would then spend Saturdays making one special recipe to share with her family.

Maebuck had a dog once, but it was clear she became a cat lover for life. One cat was almost as adventurous as she, bouncing around the apartment, once taking a dive out a third-story window. Maebuck thought it was over, but George lived on - proving that cats really do have nine lives.

Once Maebuck returned home to the south, she loved being back with her family and her local church family as well. Anyone who knew Maebuck will never forget her, especially her love for cats.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)