Have the Apocalyptic Horses Started to Gallop? If So, Why?

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Have the Apocalyptic Horses Started to Gallop? If So, Why?
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Have the Apocalyptic Horses Started to Gallop? If So, Why?
by Sharon Altenberger

This book reveals that God is rapidly bringing the Babylonian Satanic Spirit world to an end and He does not want His Saints to be ignorant. The Prophecy of the Sword (curse), the Seven Year Tribulation period, is swiftly coming to pass upon the Earth. As Born Again Believers, we must be prepared to endure and stand fast in our faith in Christ until our harvest time. This book details the Latter Day Prophecies, which includes the miraculous End-Time Event of the Harvest of all Born Again believers, which will be followed by the outpouring of the Winepress of Gods Seven Vials of Wrath.

This book reveals that during the Seventh Trumpet Judgment the door to salvation will remain open. However, the door to salvation will close when the Born Again Believers are resurrected, the resurrection of the just, which occurs just prior to the end of the Seventh Trumpet Period. The Harvest of the Saints will conclude God Almightys Grace and Mercy period, and this heavenly event will be followed by the fulfillment of the final portion of the inside written message of the Sword (curse) period, the Day of the Lord. These Prophesied Events will end the Seven Year Tribulation Period.

About the Author:

Author Sharon Altenberger is a retired registered nurse. She has a lifetime love of reading the Holy Bible. The author says the only qualification for writing this book was through her personal apocalyptic journey with the Holy Ghost. The author believes that every Born Again Believer is a servant of Jesus Christ and that each of us must follow the leading of the Holy Ghost.

(2016, Hardcover, 174 pages)