Having Fun With Palindromes

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Having Fun With Palindromes

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Having Fun With Palindromes
by Mel Edens

The palindromic phrases and sentences in this book are designed to be enhanced by cartooned depictions to convey whatever humorous idea or situation the palindrome contains. No palindrome is worthwhileno matter how long it isif it does not make any sense. For example, the palindrome Retrace Nile pipeline, Carter would not make much sense without the accompanying cartoon depicting Howard Carter (the discoverer of King Tuts tomb) searching the desert for the tomb, when all he has to do is follow an oil pipeline right to it. The cartoon, combined with the palindrome, brings together the desert, the Nile, Carter, and King Tut, and leads to plausibility. The book has over sixty cartooned palindromes, each designed to give you a good chuckle. Enjoy.

About the Author

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Mel Edens spent many weeks on Alert duty in his capacity as a KC-135 tanker pilot of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) back during the Cold War. As a pastime, he learned to construct crossword puzzles and wordplay games. He has since had over seventy crossword puzzles published in nationally syndicated puzzle magazines.

Palindromes easily became a wordplay challenge for him, with palindrome cartoons his favorite. Friends and relatives encouraged him to compile his efforts into a book that all could share. He found a cartoonist who could humorously convey his palindromic messages and the book became reality, thanks to the people at RoseDog Books.

(2011, paperback, 84 pages)