Hayden and Hamish: Tails of Friendship

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Hayden and Hamish: Tails of Friendship

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Hayden and Hamish: Tails of Friendship
by S. Artim-Young

Hayden the Hare lives in a thicket with Mother Hare. When Hayden meets Hamish the Scottish Terrier, he teaches her the true meaning of friendship.

This childrens book will appeal to adults as well and deals with the concepts of kindness, love, friendship, and death. It will encourage children to ask questions that can enrich their minds.

About the Author

This is S. Artim-Youngs first book. Her sons Scottish Terrier inspired this childrens book, along with the animals that live in a nearby thicket. She lives in Northern California with her husband, Rob; their Scotties, Wallace and Magnu; and a menagerie of other pets.

A sequel to Tails of Friendship is already in the works. If you enjoyed this book, look for Hayden and the Goats in the upcoming months.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)