Head Waters of Montell: The Wells Family

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Head Waters of Montell: The Wells Family

Head Waters of Montell: The Wells Family

By: E. Patrick Wells


About the Book

E. Patrick Wells, the youngest of Daniel Wells’ three sons, was the last to be born in the old Bill Wells home at the head of Montell creek. The old house has long since fell, but it was a sturdy home for three generations of the Well’s family. Although the Wells moved from the area after Daniel’s death, E. Patrick Wells never forgot the endless adventures he had there, from playing in the creek to roaming the nearby mountains to evenings on the porch listening to older folks share stories. These moments left an impression on Wells that would last his entire life.

As Wells grew older, his interest in his family’s roots grew. He had many questions, but there was no one left to answer them. He located material from the family historian, I.W. Wells and read other books by Alan Stovell, but discovered there was no book written by a Wells family member that described their personal lives. Wells, even with his limited knowledge, was then driven to write Head Waters of Montell: The Wells Family to share with future generations an inside view of the hardships and victories their family had in their quest to settle and live in one of the most beautiful regions of Texas.


(2021, Hardcover, 120 Pages)


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