Heal from Breakup

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Heal from Breakup

Heal from Breakup

When Your Head Won’t Stop Thinking and Your Heart Won’t Stop Feeling

By: Julie Bacher

About the Book

The breakup of a romantic relationship is one of the hardest experiences in our lifetimes. There is virtually no education on this subject, and before you know it, your life seems destroyed and you’re not sure what to do to fix it. This book incorporates Buddhist wisdom, advice, and personal anecdotes to begin to heal your heart and ease your suffering. It helps you to take a step back, reflect on the ever changing quality of being alive, and understand that because life is ever-moving; your heart will be whole again. Instead of living each day in the anguish of your misery, there are critical paths you can use to expedite your healing. If your heart is currently smashed into a thousand pieces, this book is the first step to putting it back together again, one piece at a time.


About the Author

Julie Bacher is a teacher and writer with an interest in Buddhism and spirituality. She has studied with such teachers as Tara Brach and Sarah Wiseman. Having never been good at popular things such as sports and dating, Bacher realized she excelled at something different altogether: the pep-talk. She could always make her friends feel better when they were feeling down. Growing up as a lesbian in rural Vermont in the 1970’s was not easy because she didn’t want to be gay. She wished very hard NOT to be, but that wish never came true. Struggling against reality is one of the most painful and confusing things a person can do. Julie Bacher uses this experience to help others feel better about who they are, and things that are happening that they have no control over. She lives with her partner in California.


(2019, Paperback, 48 pages)

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    Heal From Breakup[

    Posted by Pamela Marsh Heal From Break Up is a short book, but jam-packed with hard-earned wisdom. The author on Dec 10th 2019

    Heal From Break Up is a short book, but jam-packed with hard-earned wisdom. The author speaks from experience in a brutally honest yet sincerely caring way.
    She approaches her topic from many angles: Emotionally, spiritually, physically with boatloads of common sense. What I believe I liked most about Ms. Bacher’s book (besides her honesty) is her willingness to throw societal ‘shoulds and oughts’ out the window if they did not work.
    I heartily recommend this book to anyone having trouble ‘moving on,’ for it is full of suggestions about what worked (and didn’t) for her. You are bound to find realistic advice you may not have yet tried.

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    Extremely helpful

    Posted by Kerry MacNayr on Nov 13th 2019

    This book is very insightful and relatable, and helpful for a lot of different life situations. I highly recommend it!