Heartspace Corner

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Heartspace Corner
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Heartspace Corner
by Tom Lynch Jr.

Heartspace Corner is a beautifully written poetic vision of love that expresses the idea that caring, compassion, and understanding is what truly matters on this journey of life we all share. If each of us hold a common goal in our hearts of a Utopian world community then it will be possible to attain a world where peace, love, and understanding will be the defining factors in all of our lives, a world where we can all more easily awaken to the idea that each of us is a peaceful visionary of not only our own lives individually but the greater world community around us as well. For with enough heartfelt dreamers with a loving vision for all, the world can be as one in the enlightenment of compassionate caring.

About the Author:

The author is a heartfelt, imaginative dreamer whose caring and compassionate ways are always part of his life's expressions. Among his most important life goals are to uplift the world community with a loving message that expresses the idea that, with enough sharing of the ideals of kindness, friendship, and generosity, we can all find a true path home to a treasured land where the peacefulness that is found in love's enlightenment can be shared by everyone.

Heartspace Corner is a unique autobiographical poetic novel of his lifes beliefs, written to uplift and honor all women.

(2016, Paperback, 286 pages)