Heaven and Back

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Heaven and Back
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Heaven and Back
by Wendy Sundstrom

Wendy grew up in the Northwest, enjoying Gods green earth and lots of rain. She always knew there was a God and acknowledged him as such, even when she was not serving him. She searched for the reason of life, which was so hard and painful, with sickness and disease. She found there was a God who was, and is, and is to come, real, and tangible. When she believed and when she came to the end of herself, she cried out to him. He showed her who he was and who she wasundeserving and yet accepted by him. She always thought she would have to become good enough, then he would accept her. But God had another plan.

God not only changed her but he brought her through the storms of this life with joy and peace. He showed her how to walk with him and allowed him to live in her. She is now an ordained minister walking in the love of God, noticing there is a joy like no other. We just have to seek it.

(2012, paperback, 82 pages)