Hell's Alley

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Hell's Alley

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Hells Alley
by Princetta Briana

Hells Alley is a fictional story about Bailey, a smart seventeen-year-old girl who is raised by a wonderful, loving mother. Unfortunately for her, her mothers first husband, Greg, is anything but loving toward her, and he molests her. She never tells anyone, but after six months, he is out of her life when her mother divorces him. After her mother meets Robert and marries him, he molests her as well, and this causes Bailey to struggle through school, often getting into trouble. Bailey is trying desperately to make sense of what is happening to her by using the Bible to help her forgive and cope.

Does Bailey have enough strength left inside to overcome the abuse? To whom, if anyone, can she turn for help?

About the Author

Princetta Briana lives in Warthen, Georgia. She is currently in college majoring in biology. She is a member of the New Light Christian Fellowship Church of Warthen, Ga. Her goals in life are to become an OB/GYN and to write a series of novels, all of which will deal with topics that range from physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse and how people made it out.

(2010, paperback, 42 pages)