Henry, the Laughing Hippopotamus - eBook

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Henry, the Laughing Hippopotamus
by Michael L. Alexander

Henry, the Laughing Hippopotamus is a story about a little hippo who happens to be green and how he faces bullies.

His secret is one that all children have—the ability to laugh when facing challenges, especially bullies…

About the Author:

Michael L. Alexander is an ordained Minister of Music. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in voice and vocal pedagogy and a Master’s degree in theology. He has served as Minister of Music and has directed churches and other choral groups since 1967. Michael has served on several scholarship and educational committees. He has been involved in both conventional and affordable housing for the elderly since 1981. Michael is an avid art collector and loves to travel and read. He has two married sons and four grandchildren. He now resides in Houston, Texas.

About the Illustrator:

Originally from North Dakota, Marj Hales graduated from Concordia College in Minnesota and received a Master of Fine arts degree in painting from the University of Oklahoma. Happy watercolors of bright florals and whimsical animals are among her favorite subjects, reflecting an inner joy that she hopes to communicate to others.

(2017, eBook)