Henyas' Tree

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Henyas' Tree
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Henyas' Tree
by Joseph Stokes

Born in September 1942, Joseph A. Stokes began writing short stories after he retired. There was one story (Henyas Tree) that mostly developed on its own. It is a story about the interactions between various aggressive, strong willed characters.

The author developed an interest in human interaction while attending school. It affected the remainder of his course selections and later gave direction to a career.

In 1970 he was working at a large plant. Within his first months of work, he jumped at the chance to join the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Committee. His duties involved visits to local minority organizations and meeting with employees of all ages, races, etc., on matters that might affect their work performance.

The author worked 28 years as a problem-solving counselor, investigator, specialist and unit manager. It helped him understand people and the directions a person might take under stress.

A strong-willed, multi-raced woman was born into a life she would not accept; a world of servitude that demanded she be dutiful to others.

At an early age she was separated from her family and, therefore, was required to grow up quickly. This was done with the assistance of a surrogate mother, Haddie. It was Haddie that gave her the confidence and courage to adjust to and accept her lot in life. She was able to allow herself to commit to her affections and a life with a man who was well outside of her social status.

(2013, Paperback, 278 pages)