Heroes of Vietnam

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Heroes of Vietnam

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Heroes of Vietnam
by Raymond Ross

I was born in Modesto, California, the heart of the San Jaquine valley, on June 9, 1932. During my young life, I traveled with my parents all over California, parts of Arizona and Oregon, as well as Nevada and Idaho. My education was met in three different elementary schools and five different high-schools.

I entered the U. S. Army on June 19, 1951, one year after the outbreak of hostilities in Korea. While in the army, I attended parachute training; wheel vehicle mechanics; heavy equipment drop; chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare; mountaineering; infantry communications supervisors course; and army area signal supervisors course. When I retired from the army, I went back to college to finish my education. I hold degrees in electronic technical engineering, accounting, and business management.

(2011, paperback, 260 pages)