High Country Spring - eBook

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High Country Spring - eBook

High Country Spring

By: Don Krueger

About the Book

Born and raised on the east coast, Ted Murchand follows the call of the western wilderness, taking a job as a cowboy at the ranch of Angus Richmond. The quiet life he longed for, however, is soon disrupted as Ted finds himself dangerously embroiled in a feud between warring cattle ranchers in this classic western tale.


About the Author

In addition to his professional career as an engineer, Don Krueger has long enjoyed an avocation as a novelist and poet. He is particularly interested in the genre of historical fiction, where he draws deftly from his boyhood as a scout, his military service, and his engineering background to bring various historical epochs to life. Now embarking on his tenth decade, he continues to enjoy a full life of family, friends and affectionate pets.


(2018, eBook)