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by Freddie Johnson

I am very proud of my little book because it gives me the opportunity to show how we, as the consumers, can save some of our costly repairs and get a hands-on feeling of something so simple. Anyone will get a sense of pride when they begin to realize that nothing is as dark as it seems. This concept will also apply to our everyday lives. Be sure not to use this application only to save money, but use it to establish a meaningful relationship in our everyday livesin our churches, the workplace, and especially in our homes.

About the Author

I, as a little boy moving around with my parents from one town to another, all the time being told about the goodness of the Lord, not really knowing what it all meant. But there was one thing I did understand; I knew I had a compassion for people. And as I got older, I began to realize what the goodness of the Lord meant because He placed in me love and compassion for my brothers and sisters. That is what the Spirit of God has done for me, and that is all the inspiration I needed with him holding the pen. Since then I have been writing religious songs to edify the goodness of, and the greatness of, God, who is the true author and finisher of my faith.

(2010, paperback, 32 pages)