Hillary's Angel

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Hillary's Angel
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Hillary's Angel
by Lynn Sly

As Hillary discovers, no matter who we talk to, how many people we consult or how many books we read, theres never any guarantee that the choices we make are the right ones. The best she can do is to follow her own heart, and ultimately she finds whats right for her.

This novel is about children who are different - the ones who dont make their developmental milestones on time, or ever. Its also about morality and being a woman in South Africa. Its about dilemmas and confusion and love - not just romantic love. Its about uncertainty and ambivalence. And angels.

About the Author

As an editor and journalist, Lynn Sly helps people tell their stories, often becoming part of the story as she shapes it. Over the years, she has been inspired and, sometimes, humbled by various wives and mothers she has met; this is her story as well as theirs.

Although some of the details of life in rural South Africa may seem strange to American readers, the central core of the story - main character Hillarys search for parental wisdom (especially in the face of disability), spiritual awareness, love and a sense of her own place in the scheme of things - sensitively portrays universal themes that will resonate strongly, especially with women. Jan Cohen, retired English and Drama teacher, Gainesville, Florida.

(2012, paperback 190 pages)