HIV/AIDS Memoir - I Am Dying from Aids, Book 1

HIV/AIDS Memoir - I Am Dying from Aids, Book 1
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HIV/AIDS Memoir - I Am Dying from Aids, Book 1
by Matt Moovas

HIV/AIDS Memoir Ė I Am Dying from AIDS, Book I is an autobiography that records the authorís first three years (1999-2001) living with HIV/AIDS. Written in journal form, the book is an extract from his original journal in which he records events in his life.

He began the year 1999 with a feeling that something was going to go wrong during the year. Something did go wrong. He developed a severe flu, sore throat, and weakness. The following year, 2000, when the sicknesses became more frequent and more severe and were joined by dry cough, fever, skin rashes, and night sweats, it dawned on him that he was suffering from AIDS.

His wife suffers the same condition, and both sank into a state of self-pity, hiding the fact that they suffer from AIDS from family members, coworkers, and particularly from their little daughter, who became increasingly suspicious that all is not well. The author lives in fear, as he sees other sufferers with AIDS complications and hears of deaths and suicides related to AIDS. He ended the year 2001 fearing that this was the last year of his life.

About the Author

Matt Moovas was educated to a masterís degree level in the period before the HIV/AIDS epidemic. He is now a retired government employee working part-time for non-governmental organizations while his wife runs a grocery. Both husband and wife suffer from HIV/AIDS. In 1999 he suffered from flu, sore throat, dry cough, and weakness of the body. In 2000 these conditions occurred more often and were becoming more severe. In addition, he developed skin rashes, night sweats, and frequent fevers. It was at this time that it was evident to him that he was suffering from HIV/AIDS. The author is therefore one of the forty million people who were living with HIV/AIDS in the year 2001.

(2009, paperback, 82 pages)


HIV/AIDS Memoir - I Am Dying from Aids, Book 1 (e-book)
HIV/AIDS Memoir - I Am Dying from Aids, Book 1 (e-book)

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