Hole in His Socks

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Hole in His Socks

Hole in His Socks

By: Les Mahler     Illustrated By: Vera Lowdermilk

About the Book

Hole in His Socks tells the story of an elephant and a bird at odds with each other over some socks. But, in the end, the elephant realizes the bird, like the elephant, in protecting his socks, only had good intentions.


About the Author

Les Mahler has been a California-based journalist for thirty-six years, covering local and state politics from Roseville to Turlock, and the Bay Area. In 2007, he was diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma of the right tear gland. By 2011, the cancer, which is considered fatal and rare with only 1,200 cases per year, had metastasized to the brain and lungs, and he was considered to be at stage 4 in his cancer battle. Oncologists gave him only five years to live. He is now a twelve-year cancer survivor. At the same time, he stepped away from writing news stories, and started writing children’s stories. Hole in His Socks is his first book, but he has several other stories finished to be published soon. He is also the organizer behind Stompoutkidscancer, holding annual fundraiser to fund research into a cure for childhood cancer at the University of California at Davis. He has played guitar since 1967 and has written ten songs.


About the Illustrator

Vera Lowdermilk was four years old when she realized art was her love. It was her father’s art that gave Vera the inspiration and impetus to follow her heart. “I grew up surrounded by my father’s art; his work was always an inspiration.” A few years later, Lowdermilk received her first paid commission to create a mural, all in pencil, of John Lennon for a Connecticut boutique.

                                Since those early years, Lowdermilk’s reputation has spread on both sides of the Bay. In fact, her public murals grace buildings and walls from San Francisco to Livermore, and her private murals and portraits are in homes throughout the Bay Area.


(2019, Hardcover, 30 pages)

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