Holy Scope! Dimensions of God

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Holy Scope! Dimensions of God
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Holy Scope! Dimensions of God
by Richard N. Rinker

The ultimate God question Is God? or Isnt God? has a nagging quality about it unless you already have it answered in the scriptures to your satisfaction. Some do. Others dont. Here is a fresh look at whats going on around us and, if we work at it, within us. Whats the role of faith in finding the answer? Its more than believing.

About the Author:

Richard N. Rinker is a United Church of Christ minister, a graduate of the University of Connecticut, Hartford Theological Seminary, and Lancaster Theological Seminary. He may be best known for his book, The East Burlap Parables. His main interest during his ministry has been the educational mission of the church. He has served in UCC Conference staff positions in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia as Minister of Christian Education. He has provided leadership in church school teachers training, youth ministries leaders training, outdoor ministries, and adult church education. During his more than fifty years in the ministry he has also served local churches as pastor, and written numerous articles for church educational publications. This will be his fourth book.

This resource uses a format consisting of brief essays and responses to the essays by a small discussion group of men and women interested in the main topic: Is God? Isnt God? Does this suggest a use for it in your local church or with a group of friends?

(2016, Paperback, 252 pages)