Holy Shit - eBook

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Holy Shit - eBook

Holy Shit


About the Book

The Speaker decided to take physical form when the stars were in alignment with Gemini. Being a Gemini means his planetary ruler is Mercury, and he will continuously hit you with the right words at the right time due to his ability to relate with any person on ANY level imaginable. The Speaker plans to awaken everyone consciously to the real world we live in, the one that is hidden in plain sight, using only words. The Speaker does not believe in small talk as he will speak with powerful words to build strong foundational relationships.

Our world is undergoing a slow, but sure fast-growing consciousness shift. First and foremost, WE as a human race first need to address the problem that humans ARE the problem in order to save this planet. To end the cycle of our B.S, we should be planting healthy and positive seeds deep within the minds of the youth as they will one day be the ones running the show. And the cycle they are currently caught in is leading us all to our deaths. The truth written in this book and the many more to come will be spread throughout the entire world “as far as the blue stretches across in the sky.” Soon, we will all be on the same page when The Speaker has opened everyone's third eye for them in the future.


Welcome to The “Dimension.”


(2020, eBook)