Home at Last

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Home at Last
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Home at Last
by Phyllis Osborne

Home at Last is about ordinary people trying to live normal lives. They do have periods of happiness, hope, success and also sadness.

It is about a family on the edge of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Tony guides guests on his mothers guest ranch and tames and trains their horses. Amie has an eight-year-old daughter Jasmine (Jazz). Amie has had a problem with drugs. Their life is threatened by extortionists. The familys dog, Rufus, plays an important role in their lives. Home at Last is very easy to read.

About the Author:

Phyllis C. Osborne spent childhood years on the National Elk Refuge in Jackson, Wyoming. Her father worked there. They lived under the shadow of a mountain that resembled an Indian chief lying on his back. Thus it is called the Sleeping Indian.

Phyllis attended grade school in Jackson. Winters she rode in a horse-drawn covered sleigh to school. She graduated from high school at Ashton, Idaho.

Returning to Jackson, Phyllis taught a rural school and continued teaching for twenty years. Most of her schools were one-room rural schools. She taught third grade at Mill Creek School on the Wind River Reservation.

Phyllis is presently living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

(2014, Paperback, pages)