Home Place: Gone but Not Forgotten

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Home Place: Gone but Not Forgotten

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Home Place: Gone but Not Forgotten
by Edward Stephens

Edward Stephens takes you back in time, telling many personal stories through his biography and poetry while growing up on a farm in the Appalachians of eastern Kentucky. He loved sitting and listening to his grandparents from both sides of the family telling true stories about events that took place in this area. This lifestyle gave him a better chance to overcome any challenges he would encounter along lifes way.

About the Author

Edward Stephens was born May 27, 1950, in a small community called Culver, Kentucky, in the county of Elliott. He was born at home with a midwife to Ora and Delma Gillum Stephens. On his fathers side of the family are Stephens and Barker, and on his mothers side are Gillum and Thornberry. He was raised up on a farm and walked to a one-room school for nine years. Now, through his autobiography and poetry, he gives the readers a glimpse of his past. He is currently retired and lives in Ohio with his wife, Brenda. They have been married thirty-two years, and they have found out that true love is learning to forgive.

(2009, paperback, 162 pages)