Homeowner's How-to-Guide

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Homeowner's How-to-Guide
Homeowner's How-to-Guide
by Kathleen Showalter

Kathleen has been self-employed for over twenty years. She has been involved in all aspects of running a successful business for the last twelve years. She has also worked and represented a major company in the small claims courts. Kathleen also has a legal business, through which she has helped many people recover their money through the civil and small claims courts.

During her years of involvement with the small claims court system, she has been on both sides of the legal process, both in collections and in preparing cases to proceed in court.

Her experience in legal matters led her to write this book because she has seen that most consumers don't know how to find and negotiate with contractors and that they don't know and understand their rights as consumers.

Kathleen has also been involved in many of her own remodeling projects and has told of her own challenges as well.

She hopes this book will be helpful and keep others from making some of the same mistakes when embarking on a remodeling project.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)