Hoo-Hoo Hooty-Hoo-Who

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Hoo-Hoo Hooty-Hoo-Who
by Virginia N. Williams When, Johnny Thomo hears a strange "hoo" sound as he rides his bike home for dinner, he becomes obsessed with finding its source. After all, it might be something dangerous. With his friend Pete, he methodically writes down clues and searches places like the woods and an old abandoned barn near his home. What do they find? A great bird with huge, glowing eyes. When they get home, Johnnys parents take them to the library to do research. Thats where they find information on the great horned owl, with a description that fits their noisemaker to a tee. Triumphant, the boys return home to await their next adventure. Virginia N. Williams presents an idyllic picture of family life, childhood wonder, and wholesome values, mixed with a sense of suspense told in a straightforward narrative that will keep you involved. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Born in Del Norte, Colorado, Virginia N. Williams graduated from Purdue University and pursued a career in nursing for thirty-three years. Now retired, she currently enjoys camping, fishing, and writing, and she credits her grandchildren for inspiring her to write childrens adventures featuring animals. She is currently at work on another book, The Rustling Noise. (2005, paperback, 32 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.