How Does it Get any Better than This?

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How Does it Get any Better than This?

How Does it Get Any Better Than This?

By: Jeanette Aragones

About the Book

"The playful duo Cosmo and Oscar are back romping it up in their Alaskan hometown of Homer. These two loveable ferrets teach us how to relax and play and this is what life is living for. A wonderful book of friends, views and adventures through the eyes of fun-loving ferrets."

Read along as Oscar tells us about his stories with his friend Jetta and his brother Cosmo. He talks about how happy he is living in Homer, Alaska, his adventures and experiences, and his family and friends. Oscar has a lot to teach us about living, loving, and appreciating the world around us.


About the Author

Oscar and Cosmo are the best friends beloved by the author Jeannette Aragones. Oscar grew old with her and was a special part of Jeannette’s life and he will always be. Both Oscar and Cosmo inspired happiness, love, and joy every single day for Aragones and they always remind her, “How does it get any better than this?”

Jeannette is a dancer and an instructor.

She currently works as a CNA at South Peninsula Hospital and volunteers by teaching children to dance. She lives happily in Homer, Alaska.


(2019, Hardback, 36 Pages)


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