How I Spend My Summer Days - eBook

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How I Spend My Summer Days - eBook

How I Spend My Summer Days

By: Gary G. Yates Sr.


About the Book

Zachary is out of school for the summer, but it’s not all fun and games! Follow along with him to see what he has to do before he can have his free time. Find out if maybe you have to do some of the same things as Zachary.


About the Author

Gary G. Yates Sr. was born in a small town in North Carolina. He is the oldest of two siblings, a brother and a sister. Growing up, they were taught that a person has responsibilities that come before free time. When Gary became an adult, he joined the United States Navy. He then raised three children (Erica, Emily and Gary Jr.). As they grew, he tried teaching the same principals he learned. Most of the time, they did what they were supposed to, but once in awhile, one of them would rebel and questions why or say they feel they are the only ones who have to do these things. These rebelling times are what lead Gary G. Yates Sr. to write his first book, How I Spend My Summer Days. He wanted other kids to learn they aren’t the only ones who have chores and responsibilities.


(2020, eBook)