How Long Is Life??

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How Long Is Life??

How Long is Life?

By: Joseph F. Schillaci


About the Book

At sixty-six years old, you can’t help but reflect back on your youth. For all of us it was a time of youthful adventure. Joseph F. Schillaci truly believes that his younger years made him the person he is today. The people, experiences, the places he’s been to, are all parts of his persona.

How Long is Life? was the foundation of Schillaci’s growing years. He has a great desire to share those wonderful years with all who are willing to read about them. He is certain that those who have been lucky enough to have shared these years with him feel the same as he does about the How Long Is Life? experience. It was a time of innocence. It was a time when family was the only thing you knew. Friends were close and enemies few. There was an unspoken bond that was taken for granted. When Schillaci spoke to others about writing this book, he received their stories in return. It brought a smile to all the faces he encountered. They all look forward to reading this book.

Here the book is, for all to enjoy. Schillaci hopes it allows all his readers to reflect on their youth. He hopes the years past are as much fun to reach as they were to live.


About the Author

From Schillaci to all his readers: God Bless.


(2021, Paperback, 30 Pages)


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