How Mind Works

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How Mind Works

How Mind Works

By: Dr. Parag Chandarana


About the Book

“Working with Dr. Parag Chandarana is a very pleasant experience. She has been organized, always completes tasks on time with responsibilities. Problem solving is her utmost talent which she describes as solving a jigsaw puzzle. Being smart and experienced, she can look up and learn any new material that she comes across. With a friendly smile, good eye contact and handshake with confidence, she makes friends with ease. Many years of experience in her practice and being well-traveled, she understands different ethnic background people and their problems. Being empathetic, caring and sharing mutual feelings, she is able to think and help others.”

-Krista Lane


“Dr. Parag Chandarana has multiple backgrounds and qualifications that make her versatile in various different fields. Besides teaching students, students wanted to learn more about her personal experiences and share her knowledge with them. She enjoyed and was always consulting with other specialized professionals, discussing and solving problems. Her enthusiasm made her participate in various public speaking and educational seminars. She has been consulted by many pharmaceutical research companies as well as has recording of audio sessions on Internet, for professional use. Keeping up with the latest research materials, reading various published materials and attending dinner conferences help her keep in touch with advances in her field. Meeting many famous researchers and university professionals in her field and discussing with them has helped her collect the materials that she has introduced in her book.

“Her book is written with the intention to help various different types of people having day-to-day issues that need to be understood and dealt with. Being closely involved with her own family and friends of various kinds, she is herself very spiritual with philosophy of ultimate truth in life. Beside her own field of subjects, she has a lot of hobbies and is very much sports-oriented. She keeps her mind and body active all the time with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and has sense of humor also. Best of all, her attitude, helping others and sharing her knowledge with others has kept her lively.”

-Dr. Sandeep Gaoankar


About the Author

The author, Dr. Parag Chandarana, wrote How Mind Works with broad knowledge about the problems that people face, solutions for those problems and ultimately how to live in a truly spiritual way of being. The problems those individuals, their family members and loved ones face with their emotional, social and interpersonal problems all have been addressed with the understandable diagrams. The author has covered almost every aspect of life from A to Z.

The purpose of the book is to describe and discuss various problems and their solutions in an easy and understandable language. Besides professionals, lay readers whose attention spans have shortened because of the technology and social media will benefit from the book. The author is highly educated and experienced in various ways. Dr. Chandarana has published other books as well.


(2020, Paperback, 202 Pages)


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