How to Build a Fire House Home: Lessons in Personnel Management

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How to Build a Fire House Home: Lessons in Personnel Management
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How To Build a Fire House Home: Lessons in Personnel Management
by Ben Franklin

The purpose of this writing is to help personnel managers solve problems. It is meant to help those who need and seek help in the field of Personnel Management. Anyone who supervises or manages people in any environment should find something here that will aid them in doing their job better, more efficiently, and with greater success.

The original Benjamin Franklin started the Fire Service as a simple organization of volunteers with the goal of saving lives and property. What is written here is designed to build on that foundation and aid you in managing the complexities of the modern Fire Service. In 1733 Ben Franklin was asking that his city fight fires the way the bigger cities like Philadelphia do:

"Soon after it [a fire] is seen and cry'd out, the Place is crowded by active Men of different Ages, Professions and Titles who, as of one Mind and Rank, apply themselves with all Vigilance and Resolution, according to their Abilities, to the hard Work of conquering the increasing fire."

Under Franklin's goading, a group of thirty men came together to form the Union Fire Company on December 7, 1736.

About the Author

Ben Franklin is a pen name. The author of this book, Ben Franklin, has been in the fire service nearly thirty years. Much of that time was as a chief, chief officer, or training officer. He served on various boards and committees. He worked as a First Responder, EMT, IEMT and Paramedic. He still works as a fire fighter Paramedic and will retire soon with the department he has been working with for many years.

Over the years, Ben Franklin gained much experience in business and in solving problems faced by personnel managers. What you find here will empower YOU to be a better manager, team member, public servant, or anything else that involves dealing with people.

(2013, Paperback, 144 pages)