How to Eat Healthy and Well for Less Than $5.00 a Day: The Smart-Frugal Food Plan

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How to Eat Healthy and Well for Less Than $5.00 a Day: The Smart-Frugal Food Plan

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by Dr. Ilga Winicov Harrington

This book invites the reader to take charge of controlling their food budget despite the escalating food prices in our current economic climate. At the same time, it inspires and encourages us to maintain a healthy diet, focusing on cooking with basic and natural ingredients to provide delicious meals for the individual or the family.

The author uses the basic approach of starting with a minimal kitchen containing only salt and pepper. The plan is based on a monthly budget of less than $5.00 a day per person. During the four-week period of judicious planning and careful shopping, the kitchen is gradually stocked with staples, while providing three delicious meals a day. Each week has complete menus and shopping lists, with Maine supermarket prices for the purchased items in 2008. A complete list of recipes is included for all menus.

The minimalist approach also takes into account the constraints of time, and experience in the kitchen, to implement this smart and thrifty food plan. The recipes and kitchen requirements are designed to be approachable by the beginner cook, with encouragement to expand ones repertoire with increased confidence, and accumulation of staples and flavorings in the kitchen.

About the Author

Latvian born Dr. Ilga B. Winicov Harington was educated as a microbiologist at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Wisconsin. Her professional career focused on teaching and research of molecular biology in animal and plant systems, with special emphasis of salt tolerance in plants. Since her retirement as a research professor from Arizona State University, she has worked on her memoir and children's stories. Her life long interest in food and nutrition led her to write the present book, so timely in our current economic climate. She presently lives with her husband and cat in Maine, with gardening and travel as occupations when not writing.

(2009, paperback, 84 pages)