How to Learn Life’s Lessons and Become Life’s Favorite

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How to Learn Life’s Lessons and Become Life’s Favorite

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How to Learn Lifes Lessons and Become Lifes Favorite
by Alexander Sviyash, Ph.D.

Nowadays many people are aware of the Secret of the Power of Thought that manifests everything in our lives. However, very few of us apply the secret to its full extent. Why? Because we have become too attached to our preconceived ideas and are not willing to let them go.

This results in resistance to change and we waste a lot of time and energy in holding on to our preconceptions. Therefore, no power is left to move on and achieve our lifes goals.

By applying the concepts in this book you will learn practical tools of how to manage your thoughts and emotions, thus gaining the power to achieve your goals.

This book has been reprinted over 100 times in Russia and in different countries around the world, with over 2,000,000 copies sold. It has already helped millions of people to find more freedom and joy in their lives.

About the Author

Alexander Sviyash, PhD, is a renowned bestselling Russian author, a master of positive thinking, President of the Association of Professionals in Personal Development (Russia), and President of the Training Center of Positive Psychology called the Sensible Path.

The author has spent several years meditating in the Himalayas where his experiences gave him the inspiration for the ideas and concepts in his books.

The author provides simple and effective ways to:
- Overcome our fears and lack of self-esteem
- Let go of needless resistance
- Learn from lifes experiences and reach our goals

These effective ways of improving ones life have made him a bestselling author on three continents. He has published 10 books with more than 8,000,000 copies sold worldwide.

The ideas presented in his books have helped many people to realize the inner obstacles that are holding them back.

(2010, paperback, 222 pages)