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By: Madison Rud


About the Book


A father finally agrees to let his ten-year-old daughter start fostering dogs for a local rescue. Howie is the story of a Jack Russell Terrier who takes this family on an Easter morning adventure. This is the first of many adventures for this family as they welcomed over twenty-four puppies and dogs into their home. Each one of them has a unique and loving story and left a pawprint in their heart..


About the Author


Madison Rud has spent her entire childhood loving and rescuing animals. She and her family began fostering for Last Hope in 2012. At a young age, Rud was instrumental in successfully placing over twenty-four dogs into forever homes. There were many sleepless nights, but the love she and her family have for the fosters is unconditional.

                Rud is currently a senior in high school. She enjoys playing soccer and hanging out with her friends. She is looking to continue her education with an interest in a business degree. Her family includes her dad, mom, sister, a Dachshund named Copper, a German Shepard named Kody, and two horses. They all reside in Prior Lake, MN.


(2020, hardback, 30 pages)

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