Humanants: The Undefined Mind

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Humanants: The Undefined Mind

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Humanants: The Undefined Minds
by Joshua Kennedy

In the twenty-first century, a drug is developed by the U.S. Government to make humans more unique in their evolution as a race. It soon fails, turning into a virus and plague, soon affecting those who took the drug making a brand-new race similar to humans.

Now two best friends, Danzo and Frank, are brought into all the chaos. They soon are told to kill each other and actually start a war, which affects everyone and everything around them. Danzo goes on an adventure of disaster and exploration across the universe, and countless lives are on the line.

Everything you have seen in your life is nothing compared to this. Try to think of your own way to stop this if you were in Danzos spot. Will it change events in this adventure to the beyond?

Putting it all together is nothing compared to what will happen next. True events are what make it real!

About the Author

Books have pretty much always been my passion, and computers have been my career. I was born in Australia and went to Berwick Secondary Collage in Victoria. When I was young, I wrote several little books, which were about three or four pages long each. Four years later, I wrote a series, which went on for a while. Eventually I began Humanants, and I can say I was surprised of how much my imagination could go with it.

The series of Humanants is only going to continue, so I hope this book keeps your mind going. I also hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I have a great personality and am fun to be around.

(2010, paperback, 230 pages)