Humanity Meets Insanity

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Humanity Meets Insanity

Humanity Meet Insanity

By: Sead P. Pasagic


About the Book

Ever since establishing ourselves as the top of the food chain, humans have waged wars against one another. We spend a very short amount of our history in peace. We fight over land, resources, and other humans, and to the victor goes the spoils. Eventually, we faced our first World War where many young lives perished. Many former soldiers did not receive a hero’s welcome after the war ended and veterans lived on the brink of starvation.

Signs emerged that signaled a second World War was eminent. World War II began and the aggressor was even more monstrous than before.


About the Author

Sead P. Pasagic was born in Yugoslavia, where he completed engineering school as a fitter and turner. He was not satisfied with this and began studying economy and earned his degree in accountancy.

In 1969, he and his wife Lucy immigrated to Sydney, Australia. Due to the language barrier, he could not world as an accountant, so he used his first degree and became a fitter and turner. Later, he was promoted to drafting designer specialist and eventually retired.

Pasagic and his wife are proud parents of a daughter, Michelle, who they adopted when she was one month and three days old. They still reside in Sydney where Pasagic enjoys spending his days reading, writing novels, and playing with his grandchildren.


(2020, Paperback, 638 Pages)


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