I Am a Living Testimony

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I Am a Living Testimony
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I Am a Living Testimony
by Lewis R. Taylor Sr.

I Am a Living Testimony is about things we go through in life without knowing what the outcome will be. This book is about author Lewis R. Taylor Sr.s life and the way he chose to live it. Taylor was in his late fifties before he started living a good life that was when he let God come in. Readers will understand just what he is referring to when they join him on his spiritual journey. Taylor hopes that readers will enjoy the book and that they will make a change in their lives because of it.

About the Author:

Author Lewis R. Taylor Sr. wrote this book in order to share how God has changed his life. Lewis has not had an easy life. Although some people who read his story may not believe it and the things he has lived through, he can prove every word of it.

(2016, Paperback, 90 pages)