I Am the Good Shepherd

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I Am the Good Shepherd

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I Am the Good Shepherd
by Barbara S. Underwood

About the Author

When I was five, my grandmother sent me a small leather-bound childrens Bible. Jesus words were in red and every story began with a small etching at the top of the page. Mother patiently read and reread the stories to me.

I can look back through the decades and see Gods hand on my life, planting and watering, tilling the soil. The little childrens Bible was my first encounter with Gods Word. The little Bible that my grandmother sent and my mother read, was Gods instrument, and it played an eternal melody in my heart. This book is my first song for Jesus and I pray that it feeds His lambs and His sheep.

Im an Ohio girl who grew up with green and rolling hills. Today, living in Arizona, I see mountains, desert, and wildflowers in the spring. Just like life, after a season of rain, the flowers bloom, and when you see blooms in a desert, its pure joy.

(2010, paperback, 44 pages)