I Cry Over Spilled Milk…But I'm Learning to Laugh About It

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I Cry Over Spilled Milk…But I'm Learning to Laugh About It

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I Cry Over Spilled MilkBut I'm Learning to Laugh About It
by Catarina LaGuardia

Getting through the day when you have kids can be challenging. There are no breaks for mommies! You realize one day that your body no longer looks like it did when you were twenty-two and your patience is as thin as your hair. Weve all been there. Weve cried from exhaustion and cried over spilled milk. Finding humor in your life is really what this book does. This is a short, funny take on being a mom. It will make you laugh and cry. This book will make you realize that you are not alone on your journey into motherhood.

About the Author

Catarina LaGuardia is a stay-at-home mom of three young boys. Her life is full of laughter, busy days, exhaustion, and of course, some crazy moments! But what mom isnt tired and busy? She finds laughter to be her serenity in moments she feels she will explode. The love for her children inspired her to write this book, as well as her struggle to deal with being a mom. Her goal is to help other mothers laugh at the moments life throws at them and realize they are not alone.

(2011, paperback, 32 pages)