I Don't Eat That

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I Don't Eat That

I Don’t Eat That

By: Mecia McAllister

About the Book

I Don’t Eat That is about a toddler who is discovering new things and is beginning to see things differently, especially food. JJ’s motto is: “If it doesn’t look good, it doesn’t smell good, I know it doesn’t taste good.” That is his dinner speech. This book just gives a few details of comments and comical situations throughout the course of a week in dealings with JJ who is determined he will not eat the meal in front of him.


About the Author

Author Mecia McAllister is a loving mother of two sons who have filled her life with all the joy and love and entertainment life has to offer. They’re so entertaining she decided to share her joys with the world. Every parent in any corner of the Earth can relate to the roller coaster ride of raising young angels. Roller coaster, yes, meaning fun, scary, full of thrills, and let’s not forget those hills. The author and her children are from the coast of North Carolina and have lived a happy life there. Mecia spent a large amount of her childhood at parks, theme parks, skating rinks, and movie theaters, not to mention her hobbies, which have not changed, including her love for writing.

                Mecia’s sons Brandon and Jonathan (JJ) are like day and night in personalities. Brandon is ahead of his time, no time for baby toys, just video games and sports and is mommy’s big little helper kind of kid. JJ, whom the story is about, is more like an “if it looks dangerous, I should probably try it” kind of kid, and loves the park and makes friends easily. He is also an “if it is not chicken nuggets, it is not real food” kind of kid.

                Every parent can relate to JJ’s story where at least one child in every family just won’t eat what is put on the table without some type of challenge. Mecia just found her story entertaining and wanted to share the laughter with other parents whose dinner becomes a game show about what it is and what’s in it, all to tell you they don't eat that. Enjoy.


(2018, Hardcover, 30 pages)

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