I, Eye, See

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I, Eye, See

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I, Eye, See
by Carol Phillip-Tudor

I, Eye, See is interpretive chaos, a world turned upside down, downside up, inside the mind of the downstairs neighbor.

Mrs. Peely, the upstairs neighbor, discovers this bedlam when in an attempt to retain her sanity, she ventures downstairs to ask the neighbors to be quiet. She finds herself straight away in the midst of confounding, convoluted debates, encompassing Grecian mythology, Christs crucifixion, and yes, even horses.

Nonetheless, the rigmaroles are, moreover, contemporary and politically charged. The world stands witness as America wages simultaneous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the talks of nuclear weaponry become prolific.

Hurricane Katrina has devastated southwest America, and New Orleans sits under the muck of ruins; it is a veritable graveyard. Years of systematic and criminal neglect have been washed up to worlds view; this is according to the unrefined chatter and belief of the downstairs neighbor.

Mrs. Peely has decided on the mental status of the neighborwhat, with her intermittent allusions to a mysterious Nimbus. Why then does she stay to listen to the invectives? Why struggle with feelings of exasperation to the point of fury and again with forbearance?

I, Eye, See is droll, habitually fraught with diabolical and irreverent madness. Mrs. Peely is hauled through quagmires of non-sequiturs, insults, and occasionally and surprisingly, toward unusual grace. Will Mrs. Peely have to guard herself against worsening mental and emotional instability, or will she recoup her soul through the latent rescue of the downstairs neighbor?

About the Author

Carol Phillip-Tudor is native to the Caribbean Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. As a journalist, her work can be found in the weekly St. Kitts-Nevis Democrat Newspaper and again online at www.pamdemocrat.org

Additionally her book of poetry, Poisoning the Lilies, and her novel, Matty and Me, can be perused on Amazon.com and/or on the online RoseDog Books store.

(2010, papeback, 440 pages)