I First ABC

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I First ABC
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I First ABC
by Rasiah

The book is about people and living. Belief is an understanding. No amount of money is more beautiful than living.

About the Author

The author is a child of the universe like everyone else, who thinks that no one should be treated badly for their color or for their handicap, especially since they were born like that and have no power of changing. Everyone should be embracing all the gifts of life, instead of exerting so much energy in negativity. The author learned to read at the age of five, and the only book I could read the most was the bible. His favorite stories are of Christ as child. The authors belief was everything he read in the bible was in heaven and about heaven in the sky; he believed this until one in day in a geography class he happened to touch and spin the globe and saw Jerusalem, Jericho, and all these places he believed were in Heaven. His belief was replaced with knowledge, which reveals realization into consciousness, and everyone, have to be conscious to be righteous. Love is the teaching of the Creator of all people; this is the only class where no one fails.

(2012, paperback, 44 pages)