I Hate to Dance (But Learned to Love It!)

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I Hate to Dance (But Learned to Love It!)

I Hate to Dance (But Learned to Love It!)

By: Hans Danssen

About the Book

I Hate to Dance (But Learned to Love It!) is a story about the ballroom dance business, told in a way never told before. The story is eye-opening, with regard to how the sales process in the ballroom dance business was performed over the author’s lengthy career. I Hate to Dance is also a story about how making bad personal and business decisions over one’s career can lead to financial and emotional ruin. Can the author stage yet another comeback of epic proportions before he runs out of time?


About the Author

Hans Danssen began his dancing career in late 1979 while living in Austin, Texas. Danssen takes the reader on a journey starting with his late teen years as somewhat of a juvenile delinquent, up to the point when he reluctantly became a ballroom dance instructor, an instructor making ten dollars a week for many months. Through persistence and determination, he has gone on to become a multi-unit franchise owner, as well as making time to open and run his own restaurant.

                Additionally, Danssen had to learn how to cope with Meniere’s syndrome—a debilitating disease with no known cure—his divorce, loss of his father, a lawsuit brought against him by his longtime franchisor, and his subsequent deep depression. However, during this period of mental anguish, Danssen started inventing. Something similar to his first invention is now in use by several auto manufacturers, and he has a design patent on his second invention which will soon be in production.


(2018, Paperback, 260 pages)

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