I Have a Secret

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I Have a Secret

I Have a Secret

By: Ela Moore


About the Book

The weight of her secret is becoming more than she can bear. As Emma struggles with her decision to share her secret, she wonders if anyone will believe her. I Have A Secret is a fictional story about a real life tragedy that’s happening all over the world. Emma’s courage to share her secret is the first step in healing and finding joy again.


About the Author

The author lives with her husband of 44 years in a western suburb of Chicago. After raising three children and working full time most of those years, she is now retired and loving every minute. Writing I Have A Secret has given Ela Moore the opportunity to do her small part in helping young victims of sexual abuse find their voice and find the courage to share their secret with someone they trust. She wishes she had found the courage to come forward with her secret all those years ago. As other members of the author’s family started to share their stories, Moore knew she had to do something that might make a difference in someone’s life. She knows now that breaking your silence is the only way healing can begin.


(2020, Hardcover, 30 Pages)


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