I Held Myself a Prisoner

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I Held Myself a Prisoner

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I Held Myself a Prisoner
by Lola Williams

Its not every day that you walk out your front door and get in your car with your friends, expecting to just go and get some good, crunchy, mouth-watering chickenChurchs Chicken, that is. Not in your wildest imagination would you think doing that would put you in jail for robbing a bank and possession of drugs. Well, Im here to tell you it could happen and it did happen.

Just think about it. How would you feel? What would your attitude be like? I guess you will find out the answers to these questions when you are finished reading this book.

About the Author

Lola Williams began her love for writing short stories, plays, poetry, and acting at an early age. Lola performed for her parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, and friends. She still loves performing for her family, church, and friends.

Lola is happily married with five children and two grandchildren. She was born and raised in sunny California with three brothers and three sisters.

Lola has always had a deep desire down inside to write a book. So with the blessings of God, here it is. Much love to everyone who played a part in getting Lola to this point in her life.

(2010, paperback, 34 pages)