I Just Look Like This

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I Just Look Like This

I Just Look Like This

By: Shakia Shoels

About the Book


I Just Look Like This is a tell-all where Shoels opens up her life to the world and provides the opportunity to judge her, whether positively or negatively. A scary thought for anyone. Readers will choose to either walk with her or out on her, but she is willing to take this risk. Shoels covers childhood experiences that eventually played a major role in the adult she has become. She has fought with depression and addiction and loneliness despite the love she receives from her three children, and she shares a dark time in her life where she experiences a hollowness that she would not wish on her worst enemy. However, she fought through and hopes her words can become a turning point for others.


About the Author

Shakia Shoels is a thirty-four-year-old first-time author writing "I Just Look Like This." Writing is something that she has always enjoyed doing. She never imagined herself using her writing skills and life experiences to complete a book. However, something's she's experienced over the last couple of years have given her an inspiring story to tell. She was working with a life coach Corey who was also her friend of over 20 years. He was able to help her pinpoint some of the areas of her life that she might benefit from and be able to help others if only she dared to explore those feelings. So that is precisely something she did. Her first book is what she would consider being a tell-all book. She is opening up her life fully to the world, which is a scary thought for anyone. It gives the world the open opportunity to judge her both positively and negatively. People will rock with her or walk out on her, but that is a risk she is willing to take. She covers some of her childhood experiences that unknowingly played a huge role in her adult life and her decision-making skills. Over the years, she has fought depression and addiction and simply feeling alone beside the love she got from her three children. There was a period that she was in a shallow and dark place that she dare not wish on her worst enemy. She fought hard and pushed through many things that would have taken out the average soul. But she is far from average. Identifying or understanding what someone else might be going through could mean a huge turning point for some. So with her book, that is what she hopes. She first handily knows what it is like to feel alone, and if she can help someone not feel that way, she will do so by any means.


(2021, paperback, 56 pages)


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