I Know the Secret

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I Know the Secret

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I Know the Secret
by Lorraine Stead

I Know the Secret is a journey of two young girls, Crystal and Jade, who meet at college to major in forensic science. The girls chart a course of excitement, deceit, and curiosity. As students they compare their DNA to find a match. Crystal invites Jade back to her familys ranch. The loving family, with strong financial ties and relatives with secret identities, help them to uncover their true selves. While investigating on their own with support from a professor, the girls unveil the truth about being related and a secret only one person knows.

I Know the Secret, a compelling mystery, romance, comedy, and emotional abundance of joy, makes you realize how precious children and family truly are. Grab a drink, kick back, relax, travel, and meet people you never knew. Move into their identity and feel the emotions and accomplishments.

About the Author

Author Lorraine Stead, a mother raising two children on her own, fulfills a dream she had over twenty-five years ago: to be a writer, to travel, and to explore. But instead she settled for something a little more stable at that time in her life.

With her children grown, she looks back on her accomplishments to start a new life that she once dreamed of. Please understand, you will always be a mother, but to be a person to create a dream come true makes a rewarding experience also. When you can get an opportunity to reach out for your dreams, you take it firmly in your heart and fulfill it. To my children, I thank you for giving me the support and courage to go ahead.

(2011, paperback, 98 pages)